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China Yuchang Power Co.Ltd is a professional backbone enterprise, which is country-designated to produce three pairs of precision coupling including nozzles, plungers and valves and injection pump and injector of diesel engine fuel system.. Our major product is Diesel pump Element/plunger (contains type A , AD , P, PS7100, PS8500 ,EP9 ,MW and the others), diesel Nozzle (contains type DN,PDN,S,SN,PN,DSLA,BDLL and the others), Delivery Valve, Nozzle Tester, Test Bench, Common Rail System Parts, VE pump parts and the accessories (such as: Head Rotor, Cam Disk, Supply Pump, Repair Kit, Drive Shaft, Pencil Nozzle,Hand Primers and many related to diesel injection pumps.
    China Yuchang Power Co.Ltd has been manufacturing and assembling diesel fuel injection parts of superior quality and performance with guaranteed components for over 15 years! Whether it is fuel injection pumps, or any injector parts for your diesel engine,we can help.
    China Yuchang Power Co.Ltd has earned a reputation for outstanding customer service, and we continue to be dedicated to achieving excellence that can be depended upon. With the addition, we can provide even better service for your diesel fuel system needs. From technical support, to taking your orders accurately, helping you with product selection, to shipping your order around the world or around the corner, you can depend on us.
China Yuchang Power Co.Ltd goal:
    Through 5 to 10 years efforts, We China Yuchang Power Co.Ltdwill become the largest company in the fuel pump industry of China. Through 20 to 30 years efforts, we will be an influential brand company of the world oil pump industry ,being the world's top three in annual sales . Our final goal is to make China Yuchang Power Co.Ltd become the most influence, market competitive , strategy execution ability and brand exhortation company in the world.
China Yuchang Power Co.Ltd business philosophy:
    Vision:To become the world brand-exhortation oil pump supplier in the word. Mission: to supply World Oil Pump Fuel Injection Industry with cost-effective products; to build Platform for staffs to achieve their life value, to be the largest fuel pump supplier in China. Business philosophy: People-oriented and harmonious development

Enterprise's spirit:
    Harmony , Iinnovation, Implementation, Cooperation, Graveness Harmonious: Starting from ourselves ,having a peaceful mind to make individuals, families, and enterprises harmonious wholly so as to creat a harmonious society. Innovation: In the fierce market competition, only variety and constant innovation can let us obtain sustained development motivity . We will make a full innovation in techinc, products, services and management to form and upgrade own core ability Continuously. Implementation: implementation is to put idea of enterprise development into action and put the action into result. The successful strategy can ensure the success of company. Cooperate: The China Yuchang Power Co.Ltd need people in different fields, different majors and different experieces to work together. We should pay attention on team spirit and be against all departmentalism and small groups and all departmental selfishness and Small groups Marxism. graveness: "details determine the sucess and failure", we do our work carefully and excelletly . We will go forward excellently and continuously on the basis of Summary experience.

Talent To respect staffs who have not only have morality but have capacities.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us at any time.We are looking foward to  hear from you.