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Nozzle tester Application : For testing injection nozzle opening pressure , leakage spray pattern , atomization & chatter tests. The Precision Nozzle Tester, acknowledged by diesel engineers & specialists to be the finest machine of its types available. It has been developed utilizing 26 years of experience in the design, manufacture of the Precision fuel injection Servicing Equipment ..


Our nozzle tester work very efficiently under high temperature, speed and pressure.We are approved by ISO9001:2008, We offer one year guarantee of our products.


We confident that one trial order wil convience you the delivery valve,Nozzle,plunger,head rotor,supply pump,repair kit,delphi injector valve and common rail parts we are offering are excellent value for your money.For our other information, Please contact us.

Nozzle-Tester-Pj40 Nozzle-Tester-Pj40a Nozzle-Tester-Pj60
Weight : 25 KG Weight : 15KG Weight : 20KG
Nozzle testers help testing injection nozzle opening pressure, leakage spray pattern, atomization and chatter characteristic tests. The tester consists off pump body with hand lever, fuel container in transparent plastic, fuel filter, cock and pressure gauge with two graduations: 0-400 kg/cm2 and 0-600 lbs/inch2.
Two connecting pipes to nozzle holder with union nuts M12 x 1.5 and M14 x 1.5 are included.